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FORWARD SOUTH BRONX COALITION IS A diverse GROUP OF COMMUNITY PARTNERS against underage drinking and other substance misuse among youth in the Longwood/hunts point sections of the South Bronx.

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About FSBC

Forward South Bronx Coalition (FSBC), is a diverse group of community partners whose primary goal is to reduce underage drinking and other substance misuse among the youth of the Longwood/Hunts Point section of the South Bronx. To achieve this, we devise a series of evidence based strategies,that we employ through the use of logic models, which gives us a strategic prevention framework from which to operate. Read More >

Now It's Gone Viral

Cedric McClester

Truer then fiction
This newest affliction
Called opioid addiction
Without restriction
Was allowed to spiral
Because of denial
And now it’s gone viral

Just yesteryear
No one seemed to care
Now it’s everywhere
No prisoners to spare
As our contributions
Become resolutions
Requiring solutions

To this disorder
That crosses the border
As timeframes get shorter
We had just oughta
Ask ourselves how
To lower the plough
And address it now

By medically treating
The challenges we’re meeting
It’s worth repeating
The obstacle we’re defeating
Is opioid addiction
The disease, the affliction
Through medication interdiction


We sponsor semi-regular Town Hall meetings and participate in health fairs and other community events in order to disseminate information and discuss the results of our research and efforts to address our findings relative to youth and substance misuse.

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